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some commonly asked questions


Should I engage a lawyer to set up an ESOP/ESOS?

Sure, you are free to do so. Typically, it costs around USD2,000 to USD5,000 to engage an experienced corporate lawyer to advise, draft and implement an ESOP/ESOS. And it usually takes weeks, if not months, to set up one mainly due to the initial fact-finding processes.

However, with the help of these templates, guides and our legal partners, you can now set up an ESOP/ESOS or any other equity plan with a fraction of time and cost.

What is the difference between ESOP and ESOS?

ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) and ESOS (Employee Stock Option Scheme) are often used interchangeably. However, depending on the documents used, ESOP is more commonly used for private companies while ESOS is used for public companies.

I think ESOP is a great idea but I’m not sure how to go about it. Can you guide?

Yes, contact us for a free consultation and we are happy to guide you through the process.

While you have to make the commercial decision on how many share options to allocate to the ESOP pool (typically 10-15%) or the requirements which your employees have to meet (e.g. KPIs) in order to qualify for the share options, we are happy to share our experience and connect you with our legal partners, whenever needed.

How do I grant and track the share options (such as cliff, vesting schedule, exercise period etc.)?

With icapx, you can now set up, grant and track all share options, and your employees can accept and exercise the share options, all digitally and in one single platform.

Is this ESOP legal and enforceable in my country?

Our templates are crafted in partnership with qualified and experienced corporate lawyers in Malaysia. The templates are meant to guide and help you with the set up of your ESOP. They also serve as an educational tool to help you familiarize yourself with the legal terms used in the plan.

While these templates can be useful, they are not substitute of legal advice. We highly recommend you to engage a corporate lawyer in your country to review the plan for compliance with local laws.

If you need help with finding a right lawyer, do get in touch and we are happy to help. We have a network of great lawyers especially in the Southeast Asia region.


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