We create an ecosystem of lawyers, investors, company secretaries, accountants and advisers to help private companies and investors to drive growth.


a single platform to manage your equity, investors and compliance

Quit spreadsheets and keep everything on the cloud

Waste no time on manual updates or incorrect spreadsheets, as your cap tables and ESOPs are now updated in real-time. You can also give access to your company partners, accountants or lawyers, yet staying in full control.

  • Fully digital, no more spreadsheets
  • Real-time update and always accurate
  • Stay compliant and audit ready

Manage your equity in one single platform for everyone

Now you can share your cap table with your legal team and investors, as well as setting permissions to keep your information secure. We help bring together all your equity-related activities in one place.

  • Bring all stakeholders together
  • KPI reporting in one single platform
  • Fundraise with correct data and support from icapx

Enterprise-ready security

icapx takes data protection and privacy seriously. Your information and privacy are protected with enterprise-ready security and privacy policy in compliant with personal data protection laws.

  • Servers protected against DDoS Attacks
  • Enterprise-ready security
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
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